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John 18

Jerry Zhang
Jerry Zhang

2 min read


Judas betrays Jesus and leads the Jews to arrest Him. They send Jesus to face the high priest, Caiaphas. Peter denies Jesus three times before the rooster crows, just like Jesus predicted. The Jews lead Jesus to Pilate, the governor. Pilate finds no guilt in Jesus, but the Jews still insist on Jesus being a criminal.

Today, I want to focus on a few key things Jesus said that shine light on the truth of how the world works.

Everyone Is Accounted For

Of those whom you gave me I have lost not one.John 18:9

These words weren’t actually spoken at this time, but actually refer to John 17:12.

When the Jews came to arrest Jesus, Jesus responded, “I told you that I am he. So, if you seek me, let these men go.”

Jesus knew that He needs to drink from the Father’s cup―die on the cross, conquer death, and resurrect. He also knew that the time for His disciples had not yet come, for they still have plenty of work to do.

From this phrase, Jesus assures us that His love is perfect and complete. He doesn’t leave anyone behind.

This is a powerful assurance for all of us―He will fully and completely take care of us without fail because He is perfect. No earthly caretaker or parent can do this.

Politics Overrides The Law

If what I said is wrong, bear witness about the wrong; but if what I said is right, why do you strike me?John 18:23

I watched the US Presidential Debate last night between Trump and Biden. Regardless of your political views, both men were really just lashing out back and forth at each other, and nobody said anything of any substance.

Similarly, when Caiaphas the high priest questioned Jesus, he didn’t care whether Jesus was guilty or not. He just wanted to lash out at Jesus. Even though Jesus was faultless before the law, Caiaphas felt the law wasn’t convenient at that moment, so he declared Jesus guilty anyway.

It’s the way the world works―politicians uphold the law so long as it’s convenient for them. The moment the law isn’t convenient anymore is when they justify circumventing, breaking, or modifying the law.

These are the hardships we face as Christians living in a broken world. As long as we are in the world, we face this severe disadvantage. Our enemies will always have the home court advantage.

However, our ultimate advantage comes after death―when we reach the afterlife and face judgment from the almighty God, Jesus is our advantage.

It is far better to suffer a temporary disadvantage while we are in the world so that when we are out of the world we can gain a permanent advantage. Mathematically it makes sense too. The long term always wins.

Let’s continue to be persistent everyday. We know that the rewards are worth it in the end.


Jerry Zhang

Programmer, YouTuber, and amateur musician. I like to write too!