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Acts 3

Jerry Zhang
Jerry Zhang

1 min read

Peter Heals The Lame Beggar

As Peter and John went up to the temple, a lame beggar asked to receive alms (money or food given to poor people). To this, Peter responded:

I have no silver and gold, but what I do have I give to you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk!Acts 3:6

And the lame man beggar leapt up and praised God! This filled the people with amazement as they wondered what happened to him.

Peter Addresses The Crowd

Peter starts by giving Jesus credit.

Men of Israel, why do you wonder at this, or why do you stare at us, as though by our own power or piety we have made him walk?Acts 3:12
And his name—by faith in his name—has made this man [the lame beggar] strong whom you see and know, and the faith that is through Jesus has given the man this perfect health in the presence of you all.Acts 3:16

Jews made up the crowds, and Peter spoke specifically to them, addressing how they delivered Jesus to the cross and God raised Jesus from the dead.

However, Peter doesn’t stop with the blame. That’s not the way of the Gospel. He urges them to repent.

And now, brothers, I know that you acted in ignorance, as did your rulers.Acts 3:17
Repent therefore, and turn back, that your sins may be blotted out.Acts 3:19

Furthermore, Peter states that through them (the Israelites), everyone on earth will be blessed.

You are the sons of the prophets and of the covenant that God made with your fathers, saying to Abraham, ‘And in your offspring shall all the families of the earth be blessed.’Acts 3:25

Jerry Zhang

Programmer, YouTuber, and amateur musician. I like to write too!