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1 Timothy 5

Jerry Zhang
Jerry Zhang

1 min read


In the presence of God and of Christ Jesus and of the elect angels I charge you to keep these rules without prejudging, doing nothing from partiality. – 1 Timothy 5:21

Beware of your own unconscious bias and don't let it affect you. Do not prematurely judge others.

We humans naturally have our own preferences and our own interests because we are selfish. Sin has caused us to behave in such a way.

When applying the rules, we must be mindful of our thoughts and our own preconceived notions so that we don't unfairly wrong others.


The sins of some people are conspicuous, going before them to judgment, but the sins of others appear later. So also good works are conspicuous, and even those that are not cannot remain hidden.1 Timothy 5:24-25

Most of the world today operates on instant gratification. We expect results right away and complain if we don't get it.

However, there's often a delay from the time we do our work to seeing the results. This is everywhere:

  • Regarding academics, cramming for an exam and procrastinating on homework assignments is not as reliable as consistent diligence everyday.
  • Regarding scientific research, the work the researcher puts in today won't become peer-reviewed and published until far later.
  • Regarding product development, the developer's work won't be in production until far later.

So is the same with regards to sin and good work. Now, there are some instances where it's immediately obvious, such as bullying or showing kindness. But others, such as greed or laboring behind the scenes without recognition, takes far longer to surface.

The point is, be patient. Don't let the lack of immediate results discourage you. Continue to do good, and even the most subtle of kind acts won't remain hidden forever.

Devotional1 Timothy

Jerry Zhang

Programmer, YouTuber, and amateur musician. I like to write too!