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🙋‍♂️ About Me

👋 Hi friends! I'm Jerry.

You're probably wondering, who is the person behind the screen writing all this stuff?

That's what this page is all about.

Things I'm Working On

These are the things I spend doing 12 hours per (work) day. In my 9-5 9-5 schedule, my work time is occupied by my career and my personal deep work time is to pursue these mastery projects.

1. My Software Engineering Career

I have a bachelors degree in computer engineering and computer science, and I also have a (totally useless) masters degree in computer science. I've been coding since my college days and now I do this for a career.

Software engineering is my full-time job. I've been in the industry for about 3 years now. It's fun, challenging, and exciting. I enjoy my work.

2. This Blog

I casually started my own blog back in May 2019 on a different domain. In October 2020, I decided to buy a domain that had my own name in it and did the migration.

I'm a lifelong learner and I strive to document every useful thing I've learned into my blog posts.

3. YouTube Channel

I started my YouTube channel in October 2020, and I'm still going at it. This is fun for me because it's a different medium than writing. Video is an interesting and interactive way to receive content.

I've noticed that making videos is actually quite involved. You need to script, film, edit, and publish. So far, I've noticed that I've gained more confidence talking in front of a camera. But I still have a long way to go.

My Personal Goals

These are long-term goals that I want to work on.

1. Physical Health

I started to realize just how important physical health is. I need to have the proper diet and exercise regularly. No, I don't need to starve myself or become extremely fit. I just need to be healthy.

Once I understood this and took the proper steps to track myself, I lost 20 pounds within 9 months (I promise to write a blog post on it someday). I plan on continuing tracking myself to see what I come up with.

2. Build Up Solid Habits

Physical health is an extension of building solid habits. For example, to work towards better physical health, I need to habitually track myself and habitually exercise.

In addition to just physical health, I also aim to become more productive with habits, such as sleeping early, waking up early, reading regularly, and so forth.

3. Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is the state of no longer needing to work in order to support my living. The most significant part of financial freedom is not having a ton of money, but rather winning your time back. No longer will you need to trade in your time for money.

Based on my calculations, I'm about 15 years away from reaching this state, assuming no spouse nor any children. Of course, I want to have a spouse and plenty of children, both of which are expensive but worth it. So I need to revisit my plan sometime before I cross that bridge 😅

Want To Contact Me?

If you'd like to reach out,

1. Twitter (@TheJerryZhang). For anything that's short and sweet, I prefer a tweet. You can keep it private if you'd like.

2. Email ( For anything longer, I prefer email.